About Us

What started out as a hobby for Callum Winspear when he was 13 to fund his LEGO 'addiction' would turn into a global enterprise selling thousands of custom printed LEGO minifigures and parts all over the world. From its humble origin, to its postion among the leaders in the field of LEGO printing, United Bricks strives to provide a global audience for a local company and its products.

It was a company born not only from love of LEGO, but also from an interest in history, particulary military history. This was made possible by a gap in the market since LEGO do not have a military-themed product range. The vision for United Bricks was to inspire children, and even adults, to learn history through an interactive medium. Learning is more interesting and effective when participation can occur, and having a lesson allowing history to be held in your hands is achievable with the custom printing that United Bricks offers.

The company was founded while Callum was still at school and as the company grew the responsibilties grew with it. Time management between the two responsibilites would become strained, and by mid-2015 Callum left Dalry Secondary School at age 16 to devote his effort to the company and work there as a full-time job. The company would see strong growth as an expanding product range was complemented by a bespoke printing service. With additional team members and printers, United Bricks has a global network of distrubtors spanning three continents.

United Bricks seeks to offer unique skills to the region and employment for young people that were not available for Callum when he was at school. This has been achieved in part through United Bricks offering work experience opportunities and by having a design team in their teens and twenties. The LEGO Group's founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen's, motto was “Only the best is good enough” a same vision shared by the team at United Bricks.

"Building history to inspire tomorrow"