What is a E-Gift Card?

A United Bricks e-Gift Card is an electronic payment card. It can be applied to any United Bricks product purchase on United-Bricks.com up to the amount for which it was issued. A United Bricks e-Gift Card is sent via email.

Where can I use a United Bricks E-Gift Card?

A United Bricks E-Gift Card can be used online at united-bricks.com. It cannot be used in store at United Bricks Toy Shop, Castle Douglas.

How to redeem a E-Gift Card?

To redeem a E-Gift Card, enter the code from your E-Gift Card email in the appropriate fields during checkout.

How long does it take to receive your E-Gift Card?

E-Gift Cards are usually delivered instantly to the specified email address however it may take up to 24 hours to receive it. All E-Gift Cards are activated as soon as you receive it.

How can I check the balance on my E-Gift Card?

At this time, you cannot check the balance of your E-Gift Card online, however you can be informed of your balance by calling our Customer Service or contact Customer Service via email.

Does my E-Gift Cards ever expire?

Yes. All E-Gift Cards are valid for 1 year only from date of purchase. They cannot be extended.

Do I need to use the E-Gift Card all in one go?

No, you can spend a portion of the credit on the Gift Card.

How do I return goods purchased with a E-Gift Card?

The same way you return all other United Bricks goods. If you request a refund on an item, you will be issued a LEGO Gift Card in the amount of the refund.

E-Gift Card Terms & Conditions:

United Brick E-Gift Cards are valid 1 year from date of purchase. They cannot be extended.

United Bricks E-Gift Cards are to be used toward the purchase of products listed in the United Bricks online store (United-Bricks.com).

United Bricks E-Gift Cards are redeemable only for merchandise.

United Bricks E-Gift Cards cannot be returned and cannot be exchanged for cash.

If your order exceeds the amount of your United Bricks E-Gift Card, you must pay for the balance with another valid method of payment.

United Bricks E-Gift Cards and their use on the United-Bricks.com website are subject to United-Bricks.com's general Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.

United Bricks is not responsible for United Bricks E-Gift Cards that are lost, stolen, destroyed or undelivered because of technical difficulties or inaccurate information, which includes, but is not limited to, physical address and email address. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service via telephone or email.

United Bricks is not responsible for the content of text messages accompanying E-Gift Cards. The buyer of the United Bricks E-Gift Card assumes all responsibility for personal messages accompanying E-Gift Cards.

United Bricks will have the right to close customer accounts and request alternative forms of payment if a fraudulently obtained United Bricks E-Gift Card is either redeemed through United-Bricks.com or redeemed and used to make purchases on United-Bricks.com.

Loyalty points are not earned for the purchase of United Bricks E-Gift Cards. However points will be earned on purchases made with gift cards at the time the gift card is redeemed.